Jack Chute - President
  Jack began his career in the group department of Metropolitan Life following graduation from St. John's University & M.B.A studies at The Baruch School of Business Administration in New York City.

Upon settling in Toronto, Jack partnered with a benefits consulting firm that he and his partners later sold to a multi-national conglomerate. Jack played a key role in that firm until he left in 1982 to establish John Chute & Associates.

Jack's goal has always been defined as being more than "benefits". This vision led Jack and his firm to participate as a Founding Partner in the establishment of HR-on-Demand (www.hr-ondemand.com), a provider of complete human resource services to Canadian employers through the strength of outsourcing.

Jack continues to lead the firm in its core benefit consulting activities, and is able to do so with the assistance of a strong team of benefit specialists.


   Gene Tomsic - Executive Vice President
  Following graduation from Columbia University in New York City, Gene joined an international insurance company in their Chicago office.

To strengthen his employer's Canadian presence, and to bring his special expertise in Special Risk underwriting to bear in this new market, Gene transferred to his employer's Toronto office in 1975.

Gene later moved to a Canadian insurance brokerage firm where he was charged with directing the company to a greater presence in the benefits field. Prior to leaving to join John Chute & Associates, Gene rose to the level of Vice President and expanded his firm's client base ten-fold.


  Fiona Francis - Vice President
  Prior to joining John Chute & Associates, Fiona Francis had more than twenty years of experience as a group underwriter in the insurance industry.

In her most recent position prior to joining John Chute & Associates, Fiona rose to the position of Manager of Client Services. Fiona previously held managerial positions in underwriting and administration where she perfected skills that are now of great benefit to her consulting clients.

In her prior capacities, Fiona worked directly with a number of leading Canadian corporations including Labatts Breweries; the Molson Group of Companies; Loblaws Ltd.; Kimberly Clark and de-Havilland.

Fiona now manages the John Chute & Associates consulting team and is also Lead Consultant with several of our larger clients, including several hospitals and Canada's largest participant retail pharmacy.

Fiona's recognized ability to critically evaluate the financial statements prepared by the insurers has resulted in incalculable savings to our clients. Clients also appreciate her ability to discuss group insurance funding, administration and communications on a straightforward level.


   Elaine Christie - Benefits Consultant
  Prior to joining John Chute & Associates, Elaine worked in the benefits and human resource industry as an underwriter for a major Canadian insurer; as Manager for a disability claims investigation unit, and as Manager of Business Development for one of Canada’s largest EAP providers.

Most recently Elaine was Manager of Client Services for a major Ontario based insurer where her responsibilities included the development of a new contract and booklet format designed to meet the demand for more user friendly material.

Elaine is a member of the Canadian Society for Training and Development and has been a course instructor for LOMA (the former Life Office Management Association).

Our clients will directly benefit from Elaine’s experience in underwriting as well as from her broad-based human resource background.