HR-on-Demand is an HR outsourcing practice combining the skills of human resource practitioners, management consultants and specialists to operate HR departments and provide business-savvy advice. HR-on-Demand was formed in 1999. The five founding partners have worked together for three decades, providing management consulting, outsourcing and interim-management services in Canada, the United States and internationally.

Our specialty is assisting Client Companies to build profitable businesses based on key people, effective working relationships and to free time to focus on what the client does best, through the use of outsourced services.

Our Partners and Associates provide project direction, advice to corporate management, and advice to Board members on such issues as compliance/governance. We do this by assuming the responsibility for the successful delivery of HR services within a defined operating mandate. Our Partners and Associates possess the skills to deliver HR administrative services, such as payroll, benefits and pensions, as well as leadership and guidance to manage the development of reward systems, recruitment strategies, succession management, staff skill development, and all issues fundamental to building the human component of a successful business.